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Welcome to the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) Website

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Formed in 1992 during the Malawi’s political transition from one party to multi party system of government, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) remains a key civil society organization in the field of human right, mediation, advocacy, HIV/AIDS, Gender based Violence, religious co-existence, electoral processes and peace and security. It’s success in ushering in multiparty democracy emanated from its institutional architecture that entailed the establishment of the National Consultative Council (NCC) and National Executive Committee (NEC) within the organisation. 

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“An organization that promotes human dignity in the Malawian society through advocacy civic education and conflict transformation.”

“A Malawian society with internalized democratic values and practice.”

The overall goal is to contribute to good governance, human rights, rule of law, accountability and transparency in Malawi. The purpose is to reduce undemocratic practices, political and religious intolerance. Through realising this goal and purpose, PAC will improve conditions and opportunities for sustainable development.

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Advocating for Transformative Leadership
in Malawi.

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Recent Documents

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Treaty Protocol on Free Movement of Persons in Africa
1 20 downloads
International Networking and Continental Integration
AU Signed Harassment Policy
1 10 downloads
International Networking and Continental Integration
AU Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy
1 14 downloads
International Networking and Continental Integration
Nominated Members of Economic Affairs, HRST, Political Affairs and Crosscutting Clusters of ECOSOCC
1 7 downloads
International Networking and Continental Integration
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“By the grace of God we shall succeed”

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Media Centre

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Our Partners

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