It is evident that in Malawi young people have been affected by conflict and violence in several ways. They became and are victims of violence. They have lived and will live with consequences of conflict and violence. On the other hand youth have also been perpetrators of violence. Before 2014 PAC did not have a poll of youths specifically looking at issues of Conflict Early warning and Early Response systems. Through Social Cohesion and Conflict Prevention project PAC recruited 90 youths from the areas which were regarded as conflict hot spots. In 2017, the number increased to 140. These youths have undergone a number of trainings on Conflict Early Warning and Early Response. These trainings addressed the underlying causes of conflicts and violence in communities.

From 2014 – 2018 youths were submitting written reports on any conflict / violence and community activities happening in their areas. The challenge was late submission which led to late response to issues reported. In 2018 100 mobile phones and airtime were bought under Social Cohesion and Conflict Prevention project and in 2019 40 additional mobile phones and airtime were bought under PB Fund project. These mobile phones were distributed to 140 youth and were used for reporting conflicts/ violence during 2019 tripartite elections (and they still use them for reporting issues of conflict and violence via whatsapp). Youth were introduced to the phone application for reporting and a hotline was made available for the exercise.