PAC realized that women naturally have attributes to peace building and conflict resolution. Coupled with the enactment of the UNSCR 1325 in the year 2000 which support active participation of women in peace building processes, PAC felt the need for including women in PAC activities. UNSCR 1325 calls for inclusiveness and mainstreaming for women in the work of peace building and its 4 Pillars of ‘Participation, Prevention, Protection and Relief and Recovery.

Owing to the under-representation of women in Public Affairs Committee, in 2014, PAC instituted a subgrouping of women from its five mother bodies (ECM, MCC, EAM, QMAM and MAM) and termed it Women-In-Faith (WIF). The initial setup of WIF comprised 30 women i.e. 6 women from each of the 5 mother bodies of PAC. The aim was to build their capacity in peace building; conflict analysis and resolution; and mediation. Two of the 30 women are incorporated in the mediation team of PAC.

To increase the network of women in peace building, WIF in each region facilitated trainings on peace building, conflict resolution and early warning signs to other women in faith from the five mother bodies in their respective regions. (140 women reached). The project further organized Community Peace Building and sensitization event to sensitize the community on issues affecting people living with albinism and to encourage the establishment of community support systems in prevention of violence against community members especially those with albinism.