1. Objects from PAC Constitution

  • To encourage religious bodies to fulfill their prophetic and religious roles, and respond to the socio-economic and political affairs of the Republic of Malawi;
  • To enter into and maintain a dialogue with any person, political body or any other institution in the Republic of Malawi regarding any issues of concern to the nation;
  • To promote peace and tranquility in the Republic of Malawi;
  • To promote the rule of law and human rights in the Republic of Malawi, among others.

2. Goal 

The overall goal is to contribute to good governance, human rights, rule of law, accountability and transparency in Malawi. The purpose is to reduce undemocratic practices, political and religious intolerance. Through realising this goal and purpose, PAC will improve conditions and opportunities for sustainable development.

3. Specific Objectives

  • To reverse the trend of undemocratic legislative process and promote accountability and transparency.
  • Contribute to social cohesion in Malawi
  • To fight against dictatorial tendencies in our society
  • To mobilize the religious community on the need for religious co-existence among different faith groups.
  • To improve quality of trainers and training sessions in election monitoring and civic education.
  • Encourage active involvement of both men and women in issues of local government.
  • Encourage PAC stakeholders to implement gender sensitive tailor-made activities in their areas in the run-up to elections.
  • Promote public awareness about legal and moral obligations with regard to corruption, human rights and basic tenets of democracy.

Advocating for Transformative Leadership in Malawi